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Weight Loss Factor Review

How To Loss Excessive Weight and Slim Down Fat Belly Within 12 Weeks

Introducing a brand new effective system - Fat Loss Factor that can let you rapidly reduce fat and weight loss course launched by Dr. Charles Michael Allen - certified chiropractor and nutritionist.

This program allow you to select suitable fat loss goal that you need to achieve and it'll provide the appropriate schedule for you to follow. Furthermore, it also give your guarantee within 7 days time frame, you able to see the result of flatter stomach and develop a slimmer figure.

Besides, intensive weight loss exercises video and tutorials, it also uses a lean protein, low glycemic diet based on natural foods and healthy fats.With execute both stress management program included inside the program, you can see the significant result within short period of times.

What Actually is Fat Loss Factor Program? What Contain Inside this Program?

The Fat Loss Factor program includes four different goals ( beginner, intermediate  rapid and extreme weight loss) that let you to choose which steps that you need to begin.This allow you to balance up the goals that you wanted to aim versus the difficulty mode that you plan to commit.

The Weight Loss Factor features:

  • Stress Management Guide
  • Detox Diet
  • Busy Women's Workout Plan
  • Firm Flat Abs Guide
  • Insider Tips To Weight Loss After Pregnancy
  • and more..
Check out below The Fat Loss Factor's user reviews and testimonies:

The Weight Loss Factor program come with 12 weeks course which narrow break down into two stages including:

Two Weeks Detox

The detoxing process mainly is to get your body prepare for rapid fat loss. In order to achieve that, you need to follow FLF suggested diet plan with eating natural foods. By changing the eating habit, you can notice that your sleep improves and can slowly avoid eating junk food.

Ten Weeks Undiet Plan

The ten weeks intensive undiet plan is essential part of this program where the real weight loss take place. Dr Michael Allen develop own 5 formula that you need to follow in order to achieve healthy diet and weight loss goal. These including:

  • Reduce meal size so you can consume smaller portion with contain balance nutrition.
  • Avoid hydration by consuming a lot of water.
  • Each meal must contain at least one raw item.
  • Foods which contain calories need to consumed earlier of the day so easy to digest.
  • Cheat day. Every once a week, you get a bonus day off to eat what ever you like.

Find out more detail of The Fat Loss Factor Program Diet Plan

View below clip to find out what is the list of food sources recommended from Dr. Charles Livingston.

The Fat Loss Factor Exercise Program

Besides diet plan mentioned above, the FLF program also come with high intensity Interval Training course that allow you to burn fat faster with effective shorter workout for those who busy on their daily life. This cardio exercise program creates the after burn effect, which allow you continue to lose fat for up to 24 hours after your workout completed.

This program come with full video step-by-step instructions that teach you each of exercises in course. These fitness exercise are easy to follow and each workout takes within 30 minutes to complete. Some of those videos only takes about 15 minutes, so no matter how tight your schedule you'll squeeze out some time to factor in your workouts.

Are The Fat Loss Factor Is a Scam?

Before you really make a deal with FLF, you surely some questions wondering on your mind. One of them is "Does Fat Loss Factor really work or it just another scam?".

There are tons of users already used this program and helped many people achieve their dream weight.This Weight Loss Factor program provide full detailed videos on burn fat fast workouts, and intensive diet plan to let you get down to the size you wanted within 12 days.

You can watch below videos of some tertimonies and let you to answer yourself whether this program is worth to buy?

In Summary:

The Weight Loss Factor created by professional nutritionist Dr Michael Allen with objective to allow you to achieve weight loss goal in the simplest and fastest way it can be. It's not just provide solution of short term but also a long term lifestyle to sustenance your weight in the perfectly slim figure that you wish for.


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